Julio Gonzalo Herbas

Petroleum Engineer, Founder & CEO of MineaOil Ltd


2016 - Present

Petroleum Reservoir Consultant

Nitrogen Injection in a water injection reservoir and improving injection profiles fractured reservoirs Samaria field Bermudez complex, Pemex. Performance review water injection in fractured reservoirs Samaria field to define potential for EOR. Pemex. Asset acquisition, PE, RE, EOR workshops & technology transfer.

2015 - 2017

GE and McDermott

As the principal reservoir engineer I provided subsurface support to evaluate field development projects such as Jackdaw HPHT North Sea, Tolmount gas condensate NS, South Clair NS, Giove Adriatic Sea; Nsiko HPHT offshore Nigeria, Nitrogen and gas injection Ku-Mallob-Zaap Cantarell Mexico, Gas compression optimization Trinidad, Fortuna Gas development Equatorial Guinea, Tortue gas development Tanzania.
Dynamic modelling oil and gas condensate fields offshore Nigeria (hands on prosper, mbal gap). Proposals for gas condensate monetization studies Eastern Venezuela. Ayatsil-Tequel heavy oil shallow water Mexico; Amistad full field review Petroequador.

2014 - 2015

Xodus Group

As the principal reservoir engineer and EOR specialist for the Badila field in Chad, I identified a 3% potential increase in the recovery factor by early water injection (~3 MMstb; $mm>90) and EOR polymer injection. NPV US$10mm at oil price $50/stb and incremental  reserve of 5%

2011 - 2014

Tullow Oil Uganda

EOR polymer injection ~200 million barrels in Uganda Lake Albert fields. Coordinated execution of laboratory tests, dynamic reservoir simulation studies, horizontal wells, production facilities, cost estimations and commercial evaluations. Polymer Pilot Tests for EOR Polymer injection for Kasamene and Kigogole medium waxy oil. Dynamic simulation for development plan 70.000 stb/Day, 100 horizontal producer wells and 50 water injectors  Jobi-Rii field Uganda, a 1.7 Billion barrels STOIIP heavy oil field; simulation studies to optimize the well counts, increased recovery factor from 19 to 21% additional resources 57 million barrels.

Dual Straddle Packer DST tests in appraisal wells in Jobi-Rii and Jobi-East fields, generating data for the full field simulations. Production well tests in Kasamene and Kigogole fields Uganda.

2008 - 2010

Maersk Oil Denmark

Water Injection Forced Imbibition EOR project injecting sea water in chalk reservoirs, added potential resource ~6 MMstb Svend field. Dynamic simulation to design side track and water shut off a vertical well Lulita field Denmark, added ~2.6 MMstb . Eclipse simulation justified increase in the oil rate 40 % modifying separation pressures. Gas cap depletion plan. Classical reservoir engineering, reserves management and reservoir simulation history match for the Danish North Sea field Roar, Svend, Lulita and Svend

2005 - 2009

British Petroleum Aberdeen

Development plan 120 MMscf/Day gas and 6000 stb/Day liquids Devenick Gas Condensate (VIP, MBal, Prosper, Gap, PIE). Defined optimum horizontal well length 300m saving drilling costs ~20%. Ranking HPHT fields Kate, Kesog, Puffin, JU-5, Devenick, Shearwater, Elgin & Franklin. HAC Business unit BP Aberdeen. Added reserve 5.5 MMstb in Farragon field. Generated production profiles with 2 years longer plateau & COP by early gas lift and water shut off (Mbal, Prosper, Shaphir and VIP dynamic models). Added reserve 0.8 MMstb by Decline Curve Analysis in Andrew & Cyrus fields. EOR multiple contact miscible displacement gas injection study, that identified additional resource 2.5 MMstb in Farragon field (1D compositional and black oil model VIP,Mbal, EOR Prosper & Gap)


Landmark Halliburton KL Malaysia

History matched D18 field Eclipsel. Duland & Tiong Ke-Pong fields review (Mbal, well test, DCA)

1980 - 2004

BP Venezuela, Total, Statoil and more...

During this time I held several positions in different companies and worked on several projects in the Latin American Region. My responsibilities and achievements included the development of gel treatment applications to improve water & gas injection profiles in water injection wells in the El Furrial field Venezuela (EOR), well tests, reservoir evaluation and many more. 


1976 - 1982

Petroleum Engineer, Zulia University

Gas Engineering, Zulia University

EOR Course, Simon Bolivar University

Project Economics, IESA Venezuela


Geo-Pressures Ikon London


STARS EOR Simulator CMG London


Polymer EOR Projects Vienna


Petrel RE Uncertainty Analysis London


Petrel RE Oslo


Integrated Field Modelling Petroleum Experts BP Exploration, Aberdeen


Reserves Certification BP, London


VIP Reservoir Simulation Landmark Halliburton, London

Software Proficiency

Petrel 93%
Eclipse 95%
Mbal 90%
Saphir 96%
OFM 89%
DSS 90%

About Me

I am a seasoned Petroleum Engineer with 44 years hands-on experience in exploration, appraisal, field development, reservoir evaluations and simulation, water injection, conventional & miscible gas injection, polymer floods, gels conformance treatments and steam injection. 

I am motivated by multidisciplinary and multicultural team work focused on goal achievement and overall assets value increase.