Unconventional hydrocarbons resources as shale, tight gas and coalbed methane with appropriate safeguards, can provide a cleaner source of energy than other fossil fuels, creates jobs and provides economic benefits to the entire domestic production supply chain.

Unconventional shale gas and oil, and tight gas and oil resources exploitation requires evaluation, development and optimization studies that our Consulting Team of experienced consultants have done in the most important basins unconventional basins in North America, Barnett shale, Bakken shale, Eagleford shale, Mancos shale, Niobrara shale, Haynesville shale and  Marcellus, Vaca Muerta in Argentina, and the Tournasian shale (in Australia)

Our multi-discipline team of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, geochemists, reservoir engineering and simulation experts, geomechanics and fracturing stimulation experts, is available to help our clients around the world, with all aspects of evaluation, development and optimization of their unconventional/ shale oil & gas resources.

Unconventional RESOURCES, Geomechanics & Fracturing 

We have experience in fracture design, implementation, and post-fracturing analysis for unconventional resources, in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, and India in shale gas and shale oil development projects including gas and oil trapped in shale, tight gas and tight oil (gas and oil trapped in rock) in the Barnett shale, Bakken shale, Eagleford shale, Mancos shale, Niobrara shale, Haynesville shale, and the Tournasian shale in Australia, in horizonal and multilateral wells with  fracture treatments into the target with laterals extending up to 3,000 meters (10,000 ft).

The initial production of fractured horizontal wells in tight shale are in range from 5 to 40 mmscf/day, then stabilize at about thirty % of the initial rate.

The factors that needs to be considered in the design and planning fractures in unconventional are among others: isolation of laterals, to generate fractures for each lateral, water, filling materials, pumps, downhole tools, logistics and experienced personnel.

Our consultants with extensive expertise in hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells are available to:

1.Audit the fracturing design and proposals from the service companies

2.Optimize the fracturing treatment proposals, to meet project objectives

3.Supervise on well site, on behalf of the clients, the fracturing fieldwork performed by the service companies

4.Post-fracture analysis to determine, if the fracturing treatment achieved its objectives

5.Recommendations to optimized the design and to reduce costs of future fracture treatments.

Please contact us to place experienced geomechanics/fracturing stimulation consultants on your company for your shale gas and oil, and tight gas and oil, projects around the world. We also have training programs to provide customized state-of-the-art, geomechanics fracturing stimulation technology to your company staff .

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Julio Herbas

Petroleum Engineer

Oil and Gas are my profession and my passion. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, I am now running my own consultant and training firm. I revere be being able to share my extensive knowledge. I strive to improve the efficiency of oil production and to achieve the best possible symbiosis between nature and exploration.

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