Our associated geosciences consultants have extensive experience building static integrated multidiscipline geocellular oil & gas reservoirs models, with multiple realizations for Uncertainty Parameter Analysis. Expert users of industry-standard geosciences software: Petrel, Interactive Petrophysics (IP),PowerLog, SMT, Eclipse, VIP, tNavigator, STARS, GEM and OFM. Our expertise is available to Develop 3D dynamic simulations to predict the future performance under various operating scenarios and sensitivities to determine the optimal reservoir exploitation scheme.

Our Geomodelling specialist create your reservoir structure, based on outcrops and the core description and sedimentology determine the geomorphology and geological bodies, populate the geocellular model with various scenarios of stochastic distributions constrained to the well log data. Mapping,  cross sections and 3 dimensional facilitate the identification of unwept oil for optimum wells allocation and planning.

We estimate the expected hydrocarbon resources and unsweep volumes that can be recovered drilling infill new wells or sidetracking existing wells

Example of an Optimized Horizontal Well Trajectory based on Stochastic Deterministic Geocellular Modelling, which allowed to relocate the horizontal well trajectory initially planned, which allowed to access more oil sands, resulting in a successful oil producer well with higher rate than initially planned.

To have our experienced specialist consultants supporting your projects and training your geoscientists please contact us, we will be delighted to work with your team either provide consulting, training or designing and delivering a tailored workshop.

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Julio Herbas

Petroleum Engineer

Oil and Gas are my profession and my passion. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, I am now running my own consultant and training firm. I revere be being able to share my extensive knowledge. I strive to improve the efficiency of oil production and to achieve the best possible symbiosis between nature and exploration.

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