MineaOil Limited has extensive experience designing and coordinating the execution of laboratory programs to develop Routine and Special Core Analysis (RCA & SCAL), as capillary pressures and relative permeabilities for water oil and gas oil systems, and for displacement EOR process Low Salinity, Chemicals, Miscible Gas displacements and combined processes.

Our experience in design of laboratory programs was developed working in the field and in the laboratories, covering cores and fluids samples acquisition, transporting  to the laboratories, restoring conditions and performing the displacement experiments, in heavy oil fields, medium oil, condensates and gas fields.


From preliminary stages of the fields development we analyze and identify the best oil recovery process, then we design the laboratory work, supervise the experiments, process the results and load the saturation functions and reservoir properties in reservoir simulation models to predict the production performance; in practice we cover from “field to laboratory and from laboratory to the reservoir simulation” to apply results in the planning and implementation of the optimum recovery process.

After developing in the laboratory the Special Core Analysis properties and modelling parameters required for the evaluation of waterflooding, gas flooding, chemical and thermal EOR process, we have  translated the laboratory results to the numerical simulation, we loaded and calibrated the specific parameters for the secondary and tertiary recovery process evaluation, then we develop the prediction forecasts for project economics. 

As briefly described we have the SCAL expertise, and in addition we have developed a network to work with universities and technology institutions to leverage the technology and share knowledge with future generation of oil and gas professionals. Mineaoil experts offers customized in house or on line trainings in the topic Routine and Special Core Analysis.

We offer tailored consultancy services, trainings and workshops in SCAL applications. Please call us for a more detailed description of our services, we would be delighted to support your company and your SCAL projects.

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Julio Herbas

Petroleum Engineer

Oil and Gas are my profession and my passion. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, I am now running my own consultant and training firm. I revere be being able to share my extensive knowledge. I strive to improve the efficiency of oil production and to achieve the best possible symbiosis between nature and exploration.

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