Field Development Planning

Field Development Plans define a road map to guide the construction of the system composed by wells, production facilities and equipment’s from the well heads to the exporting points required for an optimized production of  an hydrocarbon resource respecting people and environment, from the exploration to decommissioning of the field.

Our Consultants have evaluated, tested, characterized important hydrocarbon resources starting from data collection, interpretations, integrations and design of heavy oil, medium, light oil and gas fields, driving to successful and production implementation and operations with higher recoveries than initially planned.

Our field development plans considers alternate development options to fit to the customer requirements and fulfil economics, environment and communities.

Harmony with the environment and communities is an essential principle of our field developments


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Julio Herbas

Petroleum Engineer

Oil and Gas are my profession and my passion. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, I am now running my own consultant and training firm. I revere be being able to share my extensive knowledge. I strive to improve the efficiency of oil production and to achieve the best possible symbiosis between nature and exploration.

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